Diving Into the 4th of July From HI!

Happy 4th of July to my family and friends back on the mainland. It’s a little strange being away from home but we’re thankfully still in this beautiful country to celebrate today.

I wanted to quickly share these photos with you guys that Brandon and I took last summer at our favorite dive spot in Florida, Ginnie Springs. If you ever have the chance to make it to the High Springs area, you have to hit this spot! It’s about 40 bucks a night to enjoy their clean and beautiful camping areas directly on the river! The fresh, but year-round chilly spring water rushes out of multiple spots in the water, allowing atmospheres like this to be experienced. One of the springs located next to Devil’s Eye even mixes with the tannins in the river to create a rainbow effect when viewed from about 10-15 feet underwater as shown in the photo below!


I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday and takes a second to remember those who gave the most  for our freedom.


Photos by Brandon Verdura

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  1. Andrea Aparo says:

    Gorgeous pics! Surreal, almost!


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