Met Crush Today


Today we were lucky enough to go on our first dive with Luke Barrow, a local photographer! We had an amazing time diving with the crush the turtle and thousands of other fish. We dove at a spot called ‘The Electrics” (aka Kahe Beach Park). This spot has gotten its name from the two giant pipes that discharge warm water from the electric plant across the street. Fish and turtles love to hang out here, frolicking in the warm water flowing out out of the pipes. If you’re lucky like us you’ll see some dolphins in the distance. And, if you’re ever luckier, you’ll get to swim with some as the sea life around Oahu is known to be quite friendly.

I’ve never gotten to swim with these curious creatures before but I can tell you one thing, it is definitely my new obsession. We saw 4 turtles, some eels and many fish while we dove. However, we were not lucky enough to see any white tip reef sharks that are known to hangout in the small caves adjacent to the pipes.

This spot is a great location because its just off the main road and has a large parking lot and free showers to rinse off in. The waves can crash in with pretty good force through the narrow beach entrance to the water but other than that it’s a great dive!

Today was an amazing first day in the water at our new home. I can’t wait to checkout more secluded spots and meet new divers around the island!


Photos by Brandon Verdura

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