I’m ReCoco-NUTS!

Now, if you know me you know I’m OBSESSED with coconut oil. Every time I go to an organic food store, farmers market, or beach shop, you better believe I’m trying a new kind. I can honestly say I have found my new favorite… and that brand is ReCoco.


Luckily this brand sniffed out my obsession over Instagram and sent me a sample! I was instantly hooked. One of the things I like most about this brand is the packaging. The oil comes in a squeeze bottle with a pop top which in my opinion, is WAY better than having to unscrew and re-crew a tub of coconut oil with slippery fingers.

They offer regular AND travel sized bottles! I love the travel size because I can easily throw it in my dive bag or bring it along to the beach!


I love the consistency of this product. Given that this oil is extra virgin and certified organic cold pressed it can reach a solid form below 76 degrees. But don’t fret, like any other great coconut oil, this means it is high quality and all-natural, without any additives to keep it in liquid form. Just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’re ready to go! I actually prefer it warmed up a bit because it makes it even more soothing after a cool outdoor shower at the beach!


They even offer “Chill,” “Tart” and “Mint” coconut oils that are infused with essential oils to help mellow you out, hydrate your hair and freshen you up for your busy day!

Much like myself, ReCoco loves the gram! So go check them out @recoco_llc for more coconutty goodness!


This brand was created by millennials, for millennial. Not only is it eco-friendly from the Philippines, but it actually contributes to growing more trees! Higher demand for coconuts means more trees!

Want to do your part and try your own ReCoco?

Use my code CASSIMANNER for 20% Off your order!

Go cocoNUTS!

Shop Now: https://recocollc.com



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