Inside the Flawless Bohemian Look with Hair and Makeup Artist Angela Reno


“Makeup is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant to magnify the beauty that already exists.” The client’s face is a beautiful canvas with endless possibilities. What determines the final masterpiece often relies on the type of event or photo shoot that the client is heading to that day. In this particular photoshoot the theme was bohemian and took place on a beach in Safety Harbor, FL. Along with shooting outside comes the battles of the elements, in which makeup artist Angela Reno gives us some tips and tricks to nail your bohemian look!

Individual Eyelashes vs Strip Lashes

Individual lashes, every time! They provide a more natural look, perfect for bohemian or beach shoots. Strip lashes are a bit more dramatic and are usually a better fit for glamour and or wedding shoots! Choosing the right lash glue is also key. Black lash glue is great for intensifying the lash line. Also if you have a latex allergy you must use latex free.


Becca Prosecco Pop Highlighter – OBSESSED!!!! This highlighter adds the perfect golden glow to skin for any bohemian beauty or just everyday look! Apply above cheekbones slightly over bronzer, above cupid’s bow, tip of nose and chin, and center of forehead.



Bronze, smoky eye is the way to go here for that golden goddess look!

Laura Mercier Sand Pearl Stick – Gather makeup from the stick with an eye shadow brush and lightly apply it to your lids. Tight-lining black liner under and above the lids provides a sharp contrast and pops eye color.


All about that contour. Get that natural sun kissed look by applying bronzer to your hairline on your forehead, under cheekbones, under chin, and don’t forget your neck. Remember to blend, blend, blend.

Loose powder

Lock in your hard work! Reduce shine and smudging by adding a setting powder to your face (or even your lips) to lock in all liquid. Don’t believe it’s power? Here’s an old Hollywood trick.  Test a red lipstick on your arm, set it with a translucent powder and try to rub it off.

Makeup Setting Spray

Always finish with a makeup setting spray it’s like hairspray for your face! It will seal your makeup and melt in any additional powder that is resting.


Pretty Girl Makeup Lip Love Collection– Pretty Girl Lunch Lipstick

We used Pretty Girl Lunch designed by Christina Flach to put the finishing touches on this bohemian masterpiece! The light and creamy stick adds the perfect nude pink look with just enough sparkle to balance the highlighter! Use code CASSI10 at checkout to receive $10 off your order!


A tasseled beach wave look is perfect for this type of shoot! Start with Bed Head’s Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo at the roots to dry any excess oils. Use a barrel curling iron to form curls wrapping hair away from face. Set with Big Sexy Hair’s Spray & Play Harder that gives great volume, lift, and hold. Right before you shoot, flip your hair upside down and tassel out the curls with your hands.



Wear something nude colored and somewhat flow-ie! Tan, off-white, brown or black are all great colors to work with gold and silver jewelry! Try to stay away from a bra, and instead wear a low-necked top or dress wear body chains and long necklaces can be worn! Upper arm wrap jewelry, metal bracelets, and rings are a great touch. Bare foot and/or matching anklet foot jewelry will keep your accessorizing consistent throughout your look. Earrings can be subtle or somewhat long but simple gold or silver. Turquoise is a nice a way to add a little color to your nude look if you’re feeling your personality needs a little more pop! Feel free to wear a boho head wrap, flowers or head jewelry to balance the rest of your body candy and be boho from head to toe!


There you have it! You’re ready to go boho!


Photography: Photos By Chalo

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