Bikinis are more than just clothing that’s been deemed suitable to get wet. They’re more than the brand name stamped on the bottom corner. And, they’re definitely more than a cute look for your next Instagram post.

Lianne Page, owner of SRRA SWIM, has her own story to tell. She began her venture into the bikini world with her first minimal and high-end bikini purchase. She became instantly hooked on the confidence it brought to her life. “Wearing a bikini can be one of a woman’s most vulnerable moments. It’s an opportunity to wear minimal clothing and feel comfortable doing so,” said Page. Now, you’ve got to agree with her here. Think about it… Walking down the beach in a bikini feels like a totally appropriate scenario. Now, imagine walking down that same beach, but this time in a bra and panties. You see the point. What Lianne explained is that sure it took her a few times to feel confident wearing a minimal bikini in public, but once she embraced her femininity in a new way, she fell in love with swimwear in a way she never thought possible.

“My goal was to create unique designs while maintaining a simple and sexy vibe,” said Page. Lianne’s personal taste in simplicity and her designs portray it beautifully. “I wanted that to be a distinct factor because truthfully, that’s what brought me my confidence and that’s what I want other women to find as well,” said Page.



Fast forward to when Lianne took her mom’s sewing machine out, with little to no sewing experience, and just went for it. “I messed around with fabrics, wracked my brain on the concept of making a seamless suit… but once I figured it out that was it,” said Page. Sewing came natural to Page. She hand draws each pattern and creates her designs completely from scratch. “Knowing that I am a handmade brand, and that most other companies are buying their fabrics from the same place, I wanted to stray away from the prints. I stuck with solids and black and white prints such as stripes and a snakeskin print. As my journey continued I am learning to love new colors and new patterns,” said Page.



“Quality has been a huge factor for me. When I began SRRA SWIM over 2 years ago I could personally say that the quality is what made my brand succeed today. My secret, which isn’t so much of a secret anymore is that…THERE IS NO ELASTIC,” said Page. Almost every piece is made without elastic giving you virtually no squeeze or love handles.


Speaking from personal experience, SRRA SWIM suits really do form perfectly to your body, with no awkward elastic ridges or unflattering design flaws. Lianne was actually one of the first swimwear companies I worked with back in the Fall of 2016. She has made me many gorgeous one, and two-piece swimsuits that bring me nothing but confidence and compliments each time I wear them. And, you better believe I’ve worn them many times, and the quality is just as great as the day I tore the tags off.

Now, you may be wondering, what’s SRRA? The brand name comes from the Greek name Sura, which means, “goddess of the sun.” Page then swapped the U for an R to present an acronym that inhibited her company traits: Simple, Rare, Refined, and Authentic. “You can’t really get any more authentic than being handmade in your moms dining room,” said Page.


Lianne has made over 2000 bikinis, selling her suits all over the world, including many states in the USA, Canada, the U.K., Italy and even Japan. “It’s about time we embrace our femininity and prove our confidence no matter what shape or size we are. There’s a bikini that compliments everyone, and that bikini is from SRRA SWIM,” said Page.

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Contributing Photographers: Brandon Verdura, Photos by Chalo & EMilitary

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