Jetskiing Lake Powell


Check out the vlog I made of our trip at Jet-Skiing Lake Powell

This was by far my FAVORITE part of our trip. We had seen Go Pro videos of jet-skiers ripping trough narrow canyons on Facebook and were on a mission to find it. We rented a high-powered jet-ski from a great mom and pop shop called H2O Rentals and Repairs in Page, AZ. They showed us the best spots to check out and sent us on our way. Of course, if you’re familiar with jet-skis like us, I recommend you assure them of your capabilities and pressure them a little to tell you where the super crazy places are as they told us they like to keep renters in the less treacherous areas of Lake Powell. We headed out with our water proof map with my notes of the secret spots and how to not miss the canyon’s hidden entrances.

We towed the jet-ski to the boat ramp only about 20 minutes from the shop, put it in the water with our cooler and food for the day, and set out on our aquatic adventure.

When I say this was the most among thing I’ve ever done, I mean it. We went into three shockingly different canyons, Labyrinth, Face, and Antelope Canyon. All were amazing for their own unique reasons.

Inside Labyrinth Canyon we learned where it got its name. We were able to speed through winding canyon canals until we literally could not even push the jet-ski through with the motor off because it gets so narrow as you move away from the lake. There was one other couple in the Labyrinth with us on a small boat who waited for us while we ventured further in, then all of us shared a beer and talk for a while, floating down the canyon canal. It was just plain old awesome.

Next was Face Canyon, our favorite. The canyon’s entrance seemed similar to the previous one, but then we took a turn and the canal narrowed to a consistent width of about 5 ft and the walls raised to over a hundred feet tall. It was truly unlike anything I had ever seen. We got to the back of the canal where it opened up into a bowl-like are with canyon walls surrounding some plants and rock. We decided to have our lunch here. After we finished up our sandwiches we drove as fast as we could out of the winding, gaping walled canal.

The last canyon was the Antelope. These are the same series of canyons that we took the guided tour through, except these slots have water in them instead of sand. We were reaching the end of our rental time so we drove through the much wider canyons for about 20 minutes until we decided to turn back, as there were actually other people in these canyons paddle-boarding and kayaking. However, the map did show that the canyon gets much more narrow so I’d recommend it to anyone who has a little more time in the area after you visit the first two, which were much more impressive!

We also checked out the Glen Canyon Dam which was super cool. There was a large open area with calm water where we were able to tear around on the jet-ski before heading back to the boat ramp. We arrived right when the shop opened at 8 am and returned the ski at the day limit, 5 pm. For the money this was a great jet-ski, a solid amount of time, and an unforgettable place to explore, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the water and exploration!

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