T A M A R Z I Z T – The Paris Jewelry Line You Don’t Know About Yet

As you guys know, I’m a beach girl. My jewelry usually consists of casual and beachy rope jewelry with a shark tooth, shell, or some sort of ocean pendent hanging from it. However, every now and then, this beach babe likes to dress up and hit the town! Unfortunately, when I moved to Hawaii I got rid of most of my fancy jewelry and clothes, as many people told me I would have no use for them here. Boy, were they wrong! Honolulu is a bustling and fun city when the weekend comes around! Beachfront clubs, bars, pubs, and fancy 5 star restaurants are staggered along the main drag. Naturally, my rope shark tooth necklaces don’t always cut it.

So, thank God for T A M A R Z I Z T! Check out their website at TAMARZIZT.COM

Combining clean lines and Berber styles, sometimes minimalistic, romantic or ethnic,

T A M A R Z I Z T jewels are the result of a mix between East and West. Bright colors, moucharaby, gold- plated metal, universal symbols and geometric forms coexist and intertwine into modern and sophisticated creations with extensive attention to detail. The exquisite and original pieces all made in Paris are inspired by the blend of different cultures and travels, a patchwork of mixed-beauties … Whether for every day or for special occasions, these fashionable talismans will take you anywhere and everywhere!

I am absolutely obsessed with the three handmade pieces T A M A R Z I Z T sent me this fall!

First, this simple yet unique joker is the perfect addition to any wardrobe! I usually wear dark or nude colors, so adding in this baby pink pop, with its iridescent dream catcher shaped jewels adds the perfect amount of fun to any outfit!

Next, this gold fringe ear cuff is my FAVORITE! Simply put one end of the cuff in your first piercing hole and secure the gentle and comfy cuff clip around your upper ear for this trendy and chic look! I’ll wear gold with anything so you better bet this cuff is going to get a workout!

Lastly, I love these reverse earrings! Simply attach the two through any of your piercing for this unique mirrored look! These are gold with beautiful jewels that shimmer in the sunlight! A unique addition to any going-out look!

The Designer: Oumaima Tamarzizt

Born in 1985, Oumaima Tamarzizt grew up in Tunis and began to study design before pursuing a jewelry training in Paris in 2007. Inspired by the mix between her Tunisian origins, modern architecture, contemporary art, or her travels in India, she decided to create her own brand in 2012 after working freelance for many prestigious clients. Oumaima, a talented designer who has respect for the past but never loses her modern edge, lives and works in Paris.


Photos by Brandon Verdura

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