Malokii Swimwear – YES PLEASE

Haven’t heard of the up & coming swimwear brand known as Malokii Swimwear? Handmade by an entrepreneur college student, these suits will have you saying, “YES PLEASE!”

I tried on this suit as soon as the package arrived! I’d hear good things but wanted to put it to the test myself! I immediately ran and found my boyfriend to give him a fashion show of my new favorite tube top suit! I then, of course, had to take some quick mirror selfies to send to my homegirl to compliment her on her amazing work! It was a perfect fit because of the stretchy material that will mold to any body type!

Just when this suit couldn’t get any better I found out I had to go to a casting call for Hawaii Five-O. I was selected to be in the Las Vegas pool party scene they were shooting the following Monday and for once I didn’t have to stress about what to wear!

I paired this top with a flowy pair of beach pants and accessorized with gold necklaces, earrings, body cuffs and rings! I walked into the costume area concerned for my outfit as I noticed that everyone around me was sporting one of the infamous insta one pieces. What happened next sold me on this suit!

A fabulous male costumer came up to me and gave me the sweetest compliments on my outfit! He said, “DON’T TOUCH A THING, IT’S PERFECT!” Every other costumer was critiquing and changing other actresses outfits and he was just going on about how amazing and rare tube top pull-offs are! He complimented the color, as many others have on my instagram posts of myself wearing this amazing suit!

Spring break is coming up and there’s no better way to slay your pool party or beach outfit than with one of these sleek, sexy & strappy bikinis!

Want one of these amazing kinis for yourself??

Head over to Malokii Swimwear & use promo code “promo2018” for 15% OFF!

Photos by Brandon Verdura

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