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I gotta fend off the paparazzi when I wear my Motiv. Apparel!

Motiv. Apparel’s message really speaks to me because it encompasses a lot of my own values. If you follow me on social media you know I’m a very motivated individual, always striving to better myself, both mentally and physically. I am extremely driven and determined to find success in whatever I put my mind to. I am constantly taking on new ventures, new projects, new opportunities… Because if you think about it, that’s all life is… opportunities, and you either seize them or let them pass you by. This is what Motiv. Apparel is all about.

“The most important part of any actions we take is the why. If we don’t know why we strive for our goals and dreams, then we are lost. The motivation behind any action is the spark that lights the fire that fuels our endeavors. Motiv is a unique style of clothing that focuses on motivating its wearers by providing a fit that allows them to work hard and look good while doing it. The motivation behind the clothing is to promote a healthy lifestyle that captures the mobility of superb work out attire without sacrificing the fashionable aspect. Fashion meets fitness with this style of clothing by providing an aesthetic that embodies the edgy, modern influences of today’s clothing while incorporating this generation of youth’s acknowledgment of the importance of fitness. In a culture that places increasing value on an active lifestyle and feeling good by looking good, Motiv does just that. These products were designed with flexibility, durability, and trendiness in mind. Whether they’re at the gym, playing sports, or out for a casual day with friends and family, Motiv creates a look for its wearers that promotes confidence through a healthy lifestyle.” – Motiv Apparel

You guys know that I’m super into fitness, both lifting weights in the gym and practicing yoga on my own time. I love to learn new exercises and new yoga positions. Motiv. Apparel is a great brand for me because their clothes are both gym and yoga-friendly!

The best part about these super comfy and great material leggings is their built-in phone pocket… Ladies, you feel my pain with the phone struggle at the gym! I always have to wear an arm strap holder to carry my phone around at the gym, except for the days I wear these babies!

Motiv. Apparel offers clothing and accessories for both MEN & WOMEN, which is awesome because I always find myself shopping for myself and my boyfriend and it’s great to have a one-stop shop for workout clothes which is uncommon with a lot of high-quality women’s brands!

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Browse their extensive collection here -> Motiv. Apparel

Shop this tie-up open back red tank here -> Tie Up Tank

Shop these leggings here -> Motiv Leggings

Shop this black Crop Top here -> Crop Top

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