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I’m loving this new swimsuit line, Majesti Design, and here’s why!

We all know there’s nothing worse than heading in to the ocean and coming out missing your top, that’s just one of the reasons why I love Majesti Design! Super comfortable and stretchy, these trendy bikinis won’t leave you hanging out to dry at the beach (no pun intended).

Not only do I love these bikinis for swimming in the ocean, or doing cannonballs at pool parties… but they’re great for water sports like waterskiing or surfing! I’m always worried about my top falling off when I get “totally pitted,” but not when I wear my Majesti!

The neoprene fabric forms perfectly to your body and stay tight, flowing with your movements! It will not stretch like most of other bikini fabric, so you don’t have to worry about the suit getting lose and saggy after going in the water!

Another thing I love about Majesti Design suits is there versatility and sexy style! Straps can be wear crossed or straight and our comfortable bottom is a Brazilian fit. It’s like you’re getting two different style suits in one!

A note from the amazing Owner & CEO…

“It’s been a long life dream of mine to create this company. I doubted being able to accomplish it, but I set my mind to it and put hard work into this investment. And months later, Majesti Design was born. Majesti Design is a company that inspires those to achieve their goals with hard work and commitment. It is possible to achieve your dreams when you set your mind to it. As founder of Majesti Design I set out to accomplish a line that will make everyone who wears it feel as comfortable and beautiful while loving the skin they are in.”


Owner & CEO of Majesti Design

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