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Woman-owned and operated, Vixen Cove specializes in high-quality, yet affordable, swimwear and accessories. The brand focuses on self-love, body acceptance, positive vibes, and supporting one another as women.

In the swimwear industry, these are some of the hardest ideas and values to hang on to. Vixen Cove prides itself on providing swimwear that compliments all shapes and sizes! Ranging from one piece swimsuits to high-waisted & minimal coverage bikinis, this line has a style for everyone!

And with no bikini set over $34, you can rock any of these styles without breaking the bank! Most designer bikini lines charge $34+ for just the top! Vixen Cove offers amazing quality at realistic prices!

The origin of this brand name really stood out to me as one of the most unique and creative!

Vixen: noun – 1.) an attractive woman 2) a quarrelsome woman

quarrelsome: adj – //synonyms// argumentative, confrontational, contentious

So, why the term “vixen”? Firstly, every single woman is “attractive”. You are the only one who needs to define yourself as beautiful — which you can bet your ass you are — and anyone else’s opinion of you does not matter. Simple as that.

Secondly, since when did quarrelsome become a negative? To Vixen Cove, it means standing up for something you believe in with a passion and not backing down until your voice is heard. In the on-going beauty dispute between women and their own selves, a quarrelsome woman is strongly needed. I’d want that vixen on my side, how about you?

Now, let’s dive into some lookbooks of my favorite suits from this badass line.

First up, this high-waisted rose pattern swimsuit is to die for!

This suit is a mega fashion statement! You could dress it up with jewelry, heels, a floppy hat, beach bag, etc and totally steal the show! This is the first time I’ve ever seen a print like this and I am oh, so in love!!

Next, we have this incredible reversible tube top bikini!

I don’t know about you but reversible bikinis are a no-brainer to me! You’re getting two suits for the price of one! And when both sides are this cute, how could you say no?? This tube top also comes with optional straps that match the print design if you’re worried about the girls falling out at your next pool party! Vixen Cove has got your back!

Third, is this edgy snakeskin suit with the cutest tie top!

Snakeskin?? YES, PLEASE! This is my first snakeskin suit and I must say I’m shocked with how into it I am! I’m not one for super edgy designs but this one is the definition of slay!

A look inside the rest of their bikini collection!

Check out these killer prices, top and bottom INCLUDED! No longer will we spend $100+ just to cover both our top and bottom halves!

Only at Vixen Cove! Use my code “cassi” for another 20% off this already great deal!

And, you can even select different sizes for tops and bottoms!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.34.15 AMScreen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.34.33 AMScreen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.34.46 AM

Did somebody say affordable one pieces??

I’ve seen one piece swimsuits range from $100-$300!

Vixen Cove is offering them for just $34! Cray cray!Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.35.24 AM

Let’s Talk Accessories!

I’m absolutely obsessed with these detailed, yet minimalistic pieces! They are the perfect compliment to any of their swimsuits! I’d pair any of their moon or star necklaces with their reversible moon & star kini!


Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.35.38 AMScreen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.35.46 AM

Welcome to the Cove! A note from the founder, Jess ~

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 5.07.24 PM.png

“We are a small company specializing in bringing you cute, quality swimwear that is actually affordable.  Forget the hassle and wallet-drainer of having to buy the top bikini part for a steep price and then doing the exact same for the bottom piece. That’s just ridiculous! Here, you can easily get your hands on an entire set you’ll love and so will your bank account!

In addition to affordability and quality, we pride ourselves on being huge supporters of body positivity and women empowerment. All of our photos are used with models of any shape and size and come out as stunning finished products with zero body alterations. We embrace every aspect of human existence including stretch marks, cellulite, tummy rolls…. whatever ya got! In an industry that requires showing a lot of skin, we firmly believe it is essential to depict a beautiful, realistic image instead of the one swimwear companies generally promote of a more unattainable body. Loving yourself and the skin you’re in can be difficult sometimes, but we want to make you feel as comfortable with your body in an itty-bitty-bikini as you do in your favorite oversized tee. You SLAY. EVERY DAMN DAY. Now go tell that to another woman and get that ripple-effect going.”



Want to browse their extensive swim & jewelry selection & channel your inner vixen?

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Happy Vixen-ing!