My Top 10 Sephora Must-Haves!

Sephora is having their yearly Beauty Inside Appreciation Sale & you won’t want to miss it! The sale is live online & in-stores Thursday, August 30th through Monday, September 2nd! Don’t miss out!

Below are the different deals & promo codes you can use based on your customer rank with Sephora! You know ya girl is a Rogue because I have no self-control!

Here’s a quick list of my favorite Sephora products that I always stay stocked up on!

I love this highlighter pallet because the different tones are all perfect for whatever look I am going for! Glam shoot, natural day out, dressed up night for the club… It has a shade for everything! I also love to use the different shades right under my eyebrows for an added highlight to my eye makeup!

This mascara is legit BETTER THAN SEX! I’ve been using it since high school when one of my friends with the most amazing lashes recommended it to me! I used to use lash primer beforehand but it looks even better without it! Less work and less money to spend on a primer, it’s a win!

I’m in love with this step-by-step contour trio! I also bought this one because my art major roommate in college who always had amazing makeup told me it was the best! I loved it at first because it tells you step-by-step where to apply the different colored sticks, but 3 years later and I’m still using it! (Though I may still need help with the step-by-step)

The brush is perfect for contouring, highlighting or bronzing when using powder products instead of the sticks! I love it because it’s very thin and does not overdue the different colors on your face so that it looks like one big unicorn rainbow blob on your cheek.

So this one may seem a little obvious and unnecessary but it is seriously so important to me! (at the risk of sounding totally overdramatic) I have tried so many cheaper options for beauty blenders from Forever 21, TJ Maxx, etc and ALL of them suck. They don’t have the nice spongey material this one does, they seem more like a solid ball than a porous material, which is so important for retaining a little bit of water and blending the makeup well.

This concealer double-sided stick is great because it has the option for an illuminating liquid for under your eyes on one end, and a coverage stick for tricky blemishes on the other end!

Something I suck at is drinking enough water. Whether I’m too busy or just don’t feel thirsty, I can never seem to get my 8 glasses a day… As a result, I get oily skin sometimes, it goes hand-in-hand with dehydration. Although I definitely try daily to fix this bad habit of mine, I have compensated with this oil control primer that I put on before any of my makeup to make sure I don’t get shiny throughout the night! I have tried a bunch of these and this one is by far my favorite! (Currently chugging water because I realized I have a giant water bottle next to me that I have hardly put a dent in since I started writing)

This liquid foundation is bomb because not only does it help control my shininess but it has SPF35 in it which I love for when I go out on a shoot in the hot sun and have to wear makeup but don’t wait to make my face greasy with a layer of sunscreen under my makeup!

This power foundation is a must for all my photoshoots because it keeps away oil and leaves a natural looking finish instead of a thick and unflattering texture.

Last but not least is my bum’s favorite – The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream! I use this to make sure my bum bum skin stays tight and fresh from all that sun exposure it gets when I wear cheeky bikinis and free of stretch marks from booty gains!

I hope you guys found a couple products that you might want to try! I clearly have a Sephora problem and that’s why I get so many great rewards from my VIP status!

Sooooo bonus product!

This is one of my favorite free rewards that I love to snatch up when it’s available! It leaves my skin feels fresh and gets rid of pesky pores!

Happy Makeup-ing!

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