Tentera Coffee

Okay guys – confession time! I’m absolutely horrible at making coffee – mainly because I’m lazy and hate waiting for it to be done! That’s why this insanely easy to makeup single-use pour over specialty coffee is my new go-to!

Just secured the bag over the top of your mug and pour hot water through the bag and into your mug – leaving you with hassle free, delicious coffee. Then just dispose of the used bag! Easy peasy!

But wait – this unique brand gets even better!

Tentera Coffee is an environmentally conscious brand! A portion of every purchase is donated to both the Wildlife Conservation Society & One Percent for the Planet to protect endangered wildlife! Delicious, easy to make coffee AND they’re environmentally conscious?? YES, PLEASE!

Order some now here: Shop Tentera Coffee and receive free shipping on all orders over $30!

Want to know more about Indonesian coffee and which flavor would be best for you? Check out the Tentera Coffee guide below!

Tentera also offers a wide-range of high-quality brewing equipment! Check it out here -> Brewing Equipment

A message from Tentera…

“Halo, selamat datang di Tentera!” (“Hello, welcome to Tentera!” in local language)

Tentera means ‘good cause’ in expanded Bahasa Indonesia, the official Indonesian language for over 240 million people.

Founded in Los Angeles by a 4th generation Indonesian American, Tentera is a mission-based American specialty coffee brand. We specialize in curating premium coffee from the tropical islands of Indonesia such as Sumatra, Java, Bali, Celebes, Flores, Papua, and many other more.

With the founder’s deep ancestral and business roots in Indonesia for 89 years and counting, Tentera is vertically integrated: we source direct, import, roast weekly in-house, distribute and market premium, limited quantities of Arabica coffee from the tropical highlands of Indonesia.

Being Indonesian and coming from the world’s 4th largest coffee producing nation, we ensure that you can consistently count on us and experience the best curated Indonesian specialty coffee has to offer. It is worthwhile to note that, Tentera prides itself on owning and utilizing a Loring roaster, the industry’s most advance, consistent and eco-friendly brand, meeting the most stringent environmental requirement to reduce carbon emissions.

This is what sets us apart: We are an original, local, small and private, family owned company and we intend to stay that way. Our local Indonesian founder’s direct access and relations allows him to personally hand-pick the best green bean and deliver you a curated experience each time.

“Terima kasih, sampai jumpa!” (“Thank you, see you soon!” in local language)

Visit their site below for a free sample of their single pour coffee!

Tentera Coffee Free Sample

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 1.12.21 PM.png

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