At Home Booty Workout


Do this every 3rd day!

(Example: Monday – rest Tues/Wed – workout Thursday – rest Fri/Sat – workout Sunday – rest Mon/Tues – and just keep going)

*Take a before picture from the back, as well as both sides of your body, then taking another progress photo every 30 days!*

-A bikini is best to wear for these pics so you can really see your booty and the progress you make!


Reps – number of times you perform a specific exercise

(ex: 5 squats = 5 reps)

Set – number of cycles of reps that you complete in the workout

(ex: 5 sets of 5 reps = 25 total squats)

Be sure to drink about 16 ounces of water a couple hours before your workout, then another 8 oz 15 minutes before, then continue to drink water during your rest periods throughout your workout – hydration is very important! You should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day! I use a free app called DrinkWaterReminder to keep myself on track throughout the day!

*If you have any questions – PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me, there is no such thing as a stupid question!


Light jog for 5 minutes – barely enough to break a sweat, just to get your legs warm!


1. Pop Squats – 4 sets of 15

*rest 30 seconds between each set*

How to pop squat –

*for added resistance, and to really blast your “side butt” – put an exercise band around your thighs*

2. Bulgarian Split Squats – 4 sets of 15 each leg

*rest 30 seconds between each set*

*Put your back foot on a chair, couch, coffee table, etc

How to Bulgarian squat –

*for added difficulty, hold dumbbells in both hands and hang on either side of your body while you exercise*

3. Calf raises – 3 sets of 20 (2 sets each leg)

*no rest in between, just do alternate legs back to back*

How to calf raise –

*for added difficulty – do this on a stair so you can get even more of a range of motion, and/or add weights in each hand hung at sides*

4. Jump Squats – 3 sets of 10

*rest 30 seconds between each set*

How to jump squat –

5. Glute Bridges – 4 sets of 15 (hold at top for 2 seconds and squeeze butt)

*rest 15 seconds between each set*

How to glute bridge –

*for added difficult rest a dumbbell on top of your hips while you lift*

6. Donkey Kicks – 4 sets of 25

*no rest in between, just do alternate legs back to back*

How to donkey kick –

*for added difficulty – use ankle weights*

7. Walk Side Squat with resistance bands – 4 sets of 15

(if you don’t have resistance bands, you can still do this without them)

How to side squat with band –

How to side squat without band –

*for added difficulty – use stronger resistance band or dumbbell weights in each hand*

8. Side Kicks with Bent Knee – 4 sets of 25

*no rest in between, just do alternate legs back to back*

How to side kick with bent knee –

*for added difficulty – use ankle weights*

9. Rainbows – 4 sets of 25

*no rest in between, just do alternate legs back to back*

How to rainbow –

*for added difficulty – use ankle weights*


10. Wall Sits – 2 60 second wall sits (if 60 seconds is too long for you right now, start with 30 seconds)

*rest 2 minutes in between*

How to wall sit –

11. Air Squats – 3 burnout sets

*rest 3 minutes in between each set*

Burn out sets! What’s a burnout set? A Burnout Set is a set of exercise done to exhaustion! Do this until you cannot do another… then push yourself to do 3 more!!

Finish strong! You got this!!

How to air squat –




This is what allowed me to build my booty as quickly as possible! In the 2016 photo I was doing the same at-home workout, but not taking supplements! I began taking supplements and saw immense results within 6 months! They seriously do help so much. They’re not necessary, but if you want to kick your booty transformation into high gear and shorten the time of your journey – these supplements were my saving grace!

Scroll down to see the supplements I use and why I use each one!

Also, FYI, they all have a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee as well 🙂 I love when brands offer that, haha.

1. Protein to build your muscles – Take 1 scoop of Xendurance protein mixed with 6-8 oz of milk or water IMMEDIATELY after your workout! (once you catch your breath of course, just be sure to do it within 20 minutes, this is when your muscles are like a sponge!)

Need to restock on protein? Find it at the link below!

PROTEIN – The vanilla is my favorite but both flavors are delicious!

2. Want to build muscle super fast & slim down at the same time? Creatine. Creatine. Creatine. 

Check out the one I use below!


3. Getting tired during this workout or feeling unmotivated to do your workout?? Pre-workout will be your BFF! I take a scoop of pre-workout and a scoop of protein 20-30 minutes before my workout! I honestly NEED it to really crush my leg days, I get tired so fast without it! – This pre-workout is a great source of healthy carbs before and after your workout! I like to use the below Carbohydrate blends to help stabilize blood sugar levels during exercise! The Fuel 5+ is my favorite but they offer a no caffeine option as well, the Fuel 5! These products also include Electrolytes and Vitamins B6 & B12 to assist in energy production, rehydration & recovery. They help to eliminate cramping and muscle burn – always a plus after a tough workout, haha.

FUEL 5+ – With Caffeine (I use this one to get me motivated for my workouts, this can be taken after as well)

FUEL 5 – No Caffeine (I’m very sensitive to caffeine so I take this one after so I don’t double up on caffeine, haha)

4. Sore from that workout?? I really enjoy the Extreme Endurance recovery pills to help me recover more quickly from my workouts!

Getting super sore after this workout? ME TOO, that’s the point! Haha! I take these supplement pills in the morning and evening! They reduce soreness, improve stamina, and accelerate recovery. This is the same brand used by Olympic, professional, and collegiate athletes!

Want to try out Extreme Endurance? Check it out below!


How does Extreme Endurance work?

• Reduction of Lactic Acid -> Less Muscle Soreness / Improves Performance*

• Reduction of Oxidative Stress -> Fights Free Radical Damage*

• Reduction of Creatine Kinase (CK) -> Faster Muscle Recovery Time*

• Increase in Aerobic Threshold -> Last Longer, Go Harder*

• Benefits Begin Within 72 Hours of Use*

5. Drink tons of fluids throughout the day following your workout! Make sure you are staying well hydrated so you can get through your workouts!

Want to get all the supplements I use in a bundled pack and save $$?

Get the performance pack! This is what I get for myself personally because it’s just cheaper and all the products work best together!

VIew it below!


I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOUR TRANSFORMATION PICTURES! Get back at your workout after 2 rest days!

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