What is CBD?


I’m going to be discussing what’s up with this current health trend of CBD oil, and if you should be using it!

If you live in the US you’ve probably heard about the CBD craze or seen something made from hemp in your local mall. But what is this new trend and is it really something to look into?

Before we get into the different ways I utilize CBD, I want to make something clear for those of you that don’t already know. CBD and marijuana are not the same thing. CBD contains to THC, and thus you will not pop on a drug test from regular use. CBD does not make you feel high or under the influence whatsoever. CBD is not a psychoactive drug like the THC found in marijuana. CBD oil has been studied for its potential role in treating many common health issues, such as anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia, acne and heart disease. It is often used as a natural alternative for pain relief. If you suffer from any of these afflictions, trying out CBD is definitely worth a shot as it lacks the health risks associated with many over the counter and prescription drugs.

As you guys know, I try to keep my products as naturally based and organic as possible. I love vegan, cruelty free products, especially those that are sourced in the US.

I love to follow the same motto that the CBD brand I use follows: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” -Hippocrates (the father of medicine)

“Our health is drastically influenced by what we put in our bodies. Everyday we increase the toxins in our bodies. These toxins are coming from the foods we eat, air we breath and the frequencies we pick up from all the electronics we are around on a day to day basis. Knowing this, we wanted to create products that will help our bodies fight these toxins, support our bodies natural immune system, and help move us back to a state of homeostasis.”


So what do I use CBD to treat?

Anxiety, nausea, pain relief, sleep, headaches and anti-inflammatory.

I’ve found a new obsession with CBD topical. This is something I’d never even heard of or considered until I stumbled upon Apple CBD+. I use their Aloha Pain Salve (it spoke to me to try it out when I saw the world Aloha in the title). I’m absolutely obsessed with this stuff and my boyfriend uses it for his lower back pain as well, we both love it! You just apply a small amount to any area you have pain or stiffness and let the magic happen. It has a cooling sensation and we found that for us personally, it relieves our pain within about 10 minutes after application.

“500MG CBD Aloha Pain Salve uses the ultimate combination of essential oils to help with pain relief. Our Salve is made from quality ingredients blended with a scent of Hawaiian beaches, and is infused with CBD isolate for easy absorption. We hand select each oil for this product to assist your body in natural pain relief.”

Check it out here: https://applecbdplus.com/product/aloha-pain-salve/

When it comes down to daily use for the benefits of CBD, I’m either reaching for my Tincture or my CBD vape pen.

I take a full dropper from my 1500 mg tincture in the morning and then another in the evening before bed. If you’re not familiar with the use of CBD for anxiety, it’s definitely something to give some attention to. It works wonders for proving a general sense of calm and lack of anxiety throughout your day. It’s so subtle that you don’t really notice the effects until you realize you went a whole day without feeling anxious. I also get really bad motion sickness in cars, boats and on planes. I take a full dropper of CBD before any of these activities and it helps a lot. The vile I use is less than 3 oz so I can take it on planes with as well (be warned, you cannot bring your CBD vape pen on a plane because of the lithium battery inside, so stick with a tincture when traveling with CBD. I just had a really bad stomach flu as those of you who follow me on Instagram know, and taking the CBD helped with the stomach pain and nausea. CBD comes in many flavors and dosages, I linked the 1500mg Lemon Mint one I use below!

Check out the strain I use here: https://applecbdplus.com/product/lemon-mint-tincture/

I keep my vape pen in my car for on the go use. A perfect example is when I’m in the infamous Hawaii traffic heading in or out of town at rush hour. I can get a little anxious and stressed out driving here because the lanes are narrow and there’s so many people, many of whom are on vacation from Asia and are not so skilled at driving here, not to mention the tour buses. I simply take a couple pulls on my CBD vape pen and my angst seems to disappate within a few minutes.

This is the one I use: https://applecbdplus.com/product/250mg-apple-black/

How to choose a CBD brand?

I recommend making sure your CBD is made in the USA. You want to ensure that the product you’re putting in your body are safe.

Check for all these requirements when purchasing CBD:


– 0% THC –







Apple CBD Plus has all of these checked off, I wanted to do the research and test out a good brand before I finished this CBD blog up because choosing the right products really is so important.

Want to try out CBD for yourself?

Use my promo code “CASSIMANNER” for 20% off your entire order!!

Shop now: https://applecbdplus.com

(This code expired May 31, 2019)

P.S. Follow @applecbdplus to automatically be entered in their $500 monthly product giveaway!

To read more on the benefits of CBD from a medical doctor, check out the below article!


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