Why You & Your Pup Need A Collar Upgrade

Who else CANNOT stand that old musty, wet dog smell of those standard collars once they’re well adventured? I know I can’t! All the traditional collars I’ve tried lose their color so dang quick. Not to mention, they hold onto so much dirt, smell and bacteria! Yuck.

BUT I found the HOLY GRAIL of leashes & collars! The future of leashes & collars! They’re durable, fashionable, and made to last through everything from adventures through the mud, swimming in the ocean, AND snuggling on the couch! 

They’re Pupups waterproof dog collars & leashes!

The Pupups collars and leashes are made of waterproof material with marine-grade rivets and stainless steel buckles, so no need to worry about rusting or wet doggy smell coming from your leash and collar (I can’t promise your pup won’t need a bath after an adventure though). However, one quick rinse & wipe of your leash and collar, and they are as good as new!

If your pup is anything like mine, always on the go, and can’t wait up for mom, then you will love that these leashes also have a traffic handle for when you need to keep your pup on a shorter leash.

I never knew how much I needed a Pupups leash & collar until I tried it. They are an absolute game changer and I’m never going back to that stinky nylon! Plus all products come with an eco-friendly reusable case for doggy bags, treats, or anything else you & your furbaby like to take with you on the road! The possibilities are endless! 

The Pupups leash and collar aren’t a want but a NEED, AND they offer FREE shipping (who doesn’t LOVE free shipping?). BUT if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, whether they don’t fit, or you’re not as in love as I am, they offer exchanges or 100% refunds! 

To top it all off, Pupups donates one collar to a doggy in need at a shelter with every purchase! So not only will your Pup get to rock some life-changing new gear, but you’ll be helping out another furry friend at the same time. You could say it’s pretty awesome.

You can use code CASSI to get 20% Off at PUPUPSUSA.COM!

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