OFIYAA is Changing the Meaning of Working From Anywhere

It’s 2021! Now more than ever, so many people are starting their own businesses, taking online classes, and working from home! However, how annoying is it to constantly click back and forth between different windows on your laptop?

Clicking back and forth between windows and applications takes up way too much time! We would all love to have a huge desktop setup, but we know that can get so pricey. 

OFIYAA has come up with affordable dual-screen & tri-screen portable laptop workstations that completely changed the game of working from anywhere!

I got the Tri-Screen Portable workstation, which is way more convenient than a multi-screen desktop setup. Now I can have multiple windows and applications running at once. Say goodbye to endless clicking back and forth! Plus, it makes traveling a breeze, while still having a badass workstation! Or if I feel like a change of scenery for the day, I can move this portable workstation to easily work in bed or at my local coffee shop!

OFIYAA fits 13-16 inch laptops. The two screens can adjust parameters separately. OFIYAA carries two 11.6 inches/10.8 inches 16:9 FHD high-definition display with a resolution of 1080P/60Hz (1920*1080P).

Plus, the OFIYAA screens are BRIGHT with an Energy Star Rating level, so they don’t drain your laptop battery!

I always live my life on the go! I love to adventure and explore, but bringing my work with me is so important! So finding OFIYAA was a blessing because I needed something compact yet durable! My portable workstation weighs less than 3lbs and is made of high-quality materials, making it easy to pack the laptop and go!

OFIYAA is equipped with a USB/HDMI/TYPE-C*2 port, as long as it is a TYPE-C laptop with a signal + power supply combo, OFIYAA can achieve a one-line connection display. The multi-port setting allows OFIYAA to charge and video display at the same time.

Not only is OFIYAA so simple to set up on your laptop, but it can also connect to your cell phones through a TYPE-C. It will convert mobile mode into desktop mode in seconds, turning your phone into a computer in seconds!

Plus OFIYAA offers fast FREE shipping worldwide and offers a one-year warranty to the original purchaser!

I am overall so pleased with my OFFIYA Tri-Screen monitor. It has been an indispensable investment for my business! 

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