4 Reasons Why I Choose fabuleaf CBD

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As some of you may know already, I’m kind of obsessed with my CBD. Specifically, fabuleaf Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD products! I have been using fabuleaf’s products for a few months now… And this is what I’ve noticed.

I’ve used so many CBD products, from isolates to broad-spectrum, and it just doesn’t quite do the trick like full-spectrum, and ALL of fabuleaf’s products are full-spectrum. Additionally, I know I can trust that I’m putting quality products in and on my body because all of fabuleaf’s products are third-party tested through independent labs. 

Fabuleaf have been mentioned numerous times for being the BEST by Healthline, Medical News Today, The CBD Magazine, and Herb!

So let’s get into WHY I use fabuleaf CBD products.


I spend most of my day working my digital marketing business, which is A LOT of time sitting in front of a computer. We all know how draining staring at a computer can be. However, since taking my fabuleaf CBD, I have noticed an increase in productivity. I can stay focused for longer periods of time without feeling like I need to take a break to reset my brain. 


I was already a pretty good sleeper, however, I have noticed an improvement in my quality of sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, instead of drowsy and wanting to fall back asleep. CBD naturally balances the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle! With better quality of sleep, it has improved my energy levels during the day!


With better sleep, I have the energy to go about my day without the need to reach for the extra caffeine. Not to mention, my mood! I used to get overwhelmed or stressed on those extra busy days, but with my favorite CBD, fabuleaf, I don’t feel that anxious scramble to get everything done right away! 


I love my gym time! The fabuleaf Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Cream has been a dream in optimizing my recovery from the gym. This cream has been essential in my post-gym routine. AND there is also menthol, rosemary, and lavender for that extra soothing, fast-acting relief!

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