How Holonis Changed My Life

My name is Cassi. I’m a social influencer. When I made my Holonis profile I had 14K followers on instagram. Three months later, I now have 65K followers on instagram, and 17K on Holonis. I currently lead Holonis with the most followers on any profile. Not only are my Holonis and instagram blowing up, but people are actually seeing my blog content, like this one you’re reading right now. Whether you found this blog via my social media platforms or with patented SEO technology Holonis offers for free to all its users, you can see Holonis is doing something right.

I originally had a wordpress blog, getting 500 views a blog was a big deal. My Holonis profile currently has 235K views and always growing. This unsaturated market that is slowly blowing up offers influencers, models, bloggers, Youtubers, photographers, brands, designers, artists, and everything in between a space just for them…

A space where they can be found.

Your Holospace is yours to share whatever you want. Whether it be a blog post, photos from a recent trip, a random everyday thought, a link to another site, videos and more!

You can even sell your products and services on Holonis.

This is where Holonis really changed my life. I posted my first services for sale 5 days ago. I’ve made almost $2,000 since then. Holonis uses Stripe, an easy to use third party ecommerce site to manage all your payouts for you, only taking a shocking 3.9% and automatically depositing the rest into your bank account within a matter of just a few days. Compared to other selling sites that I have used for my retail clients like Wanelo, ebay, and others, this commission percentage is insanely low, allowing Holonis users to maximize their profits and actually reach their goals.

On Holonis, anyone can be an entrepreneur.

Want to know how I did this?

I offer a wide range of services, which I advertise amongst my 200K+ reach on various platforms. I offer social influencer coaching as one of my services for anyone wanting to get on my level quickly and efficiently. On a consultation call, I find out all the talents and skills my client has, their goals, what they’re most passionate about, and where they want to see themselves in three months, then I come up with a customized growth plan with goals and exact strategies for how they can quickly monetize their social media following based on their unique strong suits. I also use my own platforms to help my clients get where they want to be and offer them sure to work marketing tactics to get their content in front of their target audience, while motivating sales.

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