Victoria Emerson – The Water Safe Jewelry You NEED

As you guys know, I’m a very water-friendly human. If I’m not tanning at the beach, I’m freediving, if I’m not freediving, I’m hanging poolside with friends, if I’m not hanging poolside, I’m doing a waterfall hike… Needless to say, I’m always in, near or under the water, often taking pictures as you can see from my instagram. *wink*

So what do I do to accessorize without the worry of water-damaging my watches or rusting my silver jewelry? I get my Victoria Emerson on!!

What is this amazing line? Victoria Emerson has a wide selection of beautiful jewelry ranging from rust-resistant beaded arm wraps to the chicest waterproof watches I’ve ever seen! In fact, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a fashionable waterproof watch; I thought it was just all clunky outdoors waterproof and dive watches… Thankfully Victoria Emerson stepped in and showed me the light!

And, LISTEN UP FELLOW MERMAIDS! These watches aren’t just waterproof; they can go down 50 METERS (164 feet underwater)! I tested out this feature by doing some deep dives in open water with my watch, then took it out again for a few more underwater shoots, and looking down at it on my wrist right now, its functioning perfectly, and looks brand-new. I’ve had issues with the faces of watches getting easily scratched after removing the glass-protecting sticker, but not with my Victoria Emerson! And, the taupe band and marble face coloring hasn’t faded at all from the chlorine, salt water or sunshine!

Another thing I love about Victoria Emerson is how well you can combo accessorize between their various collections! I experimented with their beaded wraps and found they can be worn on your wrist, upper arm, as a necklace or double-wrapped joker, or even as an anklet! The versatility of these wraps is what makes them one of my favorite pieces, because it’s like you’re getting a bunch of different types of jewelry in one! I love the off-white stone beaded wrap with the little silver skulls. This piece is called ‘Howlite & Skulls on White.’ It’s so unique, and like I said, the silver skull beads won’t rust or tarnish in the salt water or chlorine like regular silver will! I also love my ‘Green Mix Three Wrap’ mermaid-vibe piece; it’s full of refreshing blue and green colored beads! It reminds me of the beautiful waters here in tropical Hawaii. Wearing my arm wraps layered with my marble watch is a beach or boat party showstopper!

Someone wants to throw me in the pool with my jewelry on? Go for it! (Just let me put my phone down first… Apparently Apple has not perfected the 50-meter submersion resistance like Victoria Emerson has)

*Three Mermaid Care Tips*

1. I ALWAYS rinse off my jewelry with fresh water when I get home from the beach or pool! Salt water is very corrosive for any jewelry or dive gear, so always be sure to take care of your stuff like it takes care of you!

2. Sand is also no good for getting into jewelry or dive gear crevices, so be sure to give your belongings a good inspection after rinsing them off to make sure no little sandy hitchhikers are left anywhere!

3.Lastly, harsh chlorine chemicals can change the color of your bathing suits or jewelry, so be sure to give those a rinse too! I always wear my bikini into the shower after a beach day so I can rinse it off well right away, instead of the poor thing waiting around for me to finally do some laundry.

Want to shop Victoria Emerson?

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Mahalo for reading!

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